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Accident Prevention Programs
Written programs, consultation and active participation with established safety and health committees. Tailored to the needs of the particular organization or industry and to the types of hazards encountered.
{29 CFR 1910}

Hazardous Materials Classifications & Management Plans
Designed to meet the requirements of local fire agencies for the prevention, control and mitigation of dangerous conditions related to the storage, dispensing, use and handling of hazardous materials. {1994 UFC}

Respiratory Protection Programs
Written programs and training designed for personnel who require respiratory protection for controlling exposures to harmful air contaminants or hazardous atmospheres.
{29 CFR 1910.134}

Hearing Conservation
Written programs, training and monitoring designed for organizations in which employees are exposed to high noise levels.
{29 CFR 1910.95}

Job Hazard Analysis
Evaluations of jobs through procedures of examining various tasks to uncover hazards or potential hazards and identifying methods to eliminate the undesired activity.
{29 CFR 1910}

Personal Protective Equipment
Written programs and hands-on training to assist employees in the proper selection, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment.
{29 CFR 1910.132}

General Occupational Safety/Industrial Hygiene
Services aimed at identifying hazards in the workplace, approaches or options for solving safety or health issues, and general consultation.
{29 CFR 1910}

Hazardous Waste Management
Consultation services and assistance with hazardous waste disposal issues, and preparation of annual dangerous waste reports.
{42 USC § 321 et seq, 42 USC § 9601 et seq}

Process Safety Management
Written programs, hazard analysis, emergency planning and training aimed at controlling and preventing the release of hazardous chemicals in manufacturing industries.
{29 CFR 1910.119}

Indoor Air Quality, Occupational Exposure Monitoring & Sampling
Monitoring and sampling activities designed to identify the quality or constituents of air in the workplace or environment.
{29 CFR 1910}

Pollution Prevention & Waste Minimization
Authoring of pollution prevention plans for organizations identified by the Department of Ecology as generating over 2,640 pounds of hazardous waste during a reporting year.
{EPA & Ecology Mandates}

{State citations available upon request}





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